our story

Partners in life and business. ”We both bring in the perfect mix of skills and love the idea of giving and sharing couples memories that will last forever—we enjoy every moment of it,” explains Catherine.

Once upon a time…well, Catherine and Matthew’s wedding WAS like a fairy tale. It all started with the proposal at the restaurant Le Saint-Amour in Quebec City, and a secluded engagement holiday in Baie-Sainte-Catherine. They were enveloped in love.


They had almost a year to plan their wedding day together. As a professional graphic designer, Matthew wanted to create a symbol representing them as a couple that captured Catherine’s flamboyant and stylish personality, and Matthew’s creative passion and sensitivity. “I wanted the crest to have a Royal touch,” said Matthew…the crown says it all.


Catherine loved the crest and it was launched digitally in the evites to their engagement party…then their “Save-the-Date” eBlast…and today remains part of their family website.


Matthew made Catherine proud. The crest became a personalized emblem of them as a couple. The uses kept growing: events leading up to the wedding, and most prominently, during and after the wedding. It became a unique identifier to everyone that they were inseparable. This union was sealed with a crest…and many kisses.


His soon-to-be mother-in-law, Lynn, an accomplished international award-winning doll maker, brought her creativity and extensive technical skills to the table — literally. After much brainstorming with Lynn about the look Matthew and Catherine wanted for their wedding, Lynn’s input was the magic ingredient they needed. It was clear that another union had formed in this enterprise, and Lynn was welcomed as an integral part of the creative team.


After a difficult year fighting breast cancer, she took on every creative challenge Matthew presented to her: appliquéd table runners, aisle runner, ring boxes, to name a few. But the pièce de résistance were the appliquéd tartan wedding invitations, which connected them to their Scottish heritage.


The crest was embroidered into imported Scottish tartan and wrapped in card stock. High-quality pearlized paper was used for the insert. Each invite was printed in a beautiful calligraphic font and then wax sealed.


On their wedding day, all the artistry for the ceremony came together in an array of applications: the ring boxes, aisle runner, the table runners, sashes for the flower girls, cover for the ceremonial sword, program/fans, menus, gift boxes. Matthew and Catherine’s personal crest elegantly appeared throughout the wedding. Guests remarked that “it was truly like a Royal wedding.” A special day for this special couple.


After a romantic honeymoon in St. Lucia, Matthew approached Lynn with the idea of blending their names and forming “Matilyn.” Without Lynn’s inspiration and tenacity, it would not have been such a memorable day for everyone and a happy ending to Matthew and Catherine’s wedding day.


…they WILL live happily ever after, wherever the journey leads them.

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