frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions and answers should help, but if you have a specific question please email us direct at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

about matilyn

  • What is Matilyn?

    Matilyn is a design studio that specializes in the full design and  production of event space from stationery (invitations, menus, etc.) to décor (embroidered table runners, vinyl backdrops/floors, etc.) to digital (save-the-date eblasts, websites, video editing, etc.)—“transforming your space into a masterpiece” is their moto and they stand by high quality art within a confined budget.

  • What is the difference between matilynBESPOKE and matilynBOUTIQUE?

    The essence of a matilynBESPOKE package is defined by the fine art itself. A crest designed for the client, for example, is uniquely designed for the client and in such case, swapping out monogram letters is not a simple task.The letters and graphics are intertwined and part of the design. matilynBESPOKE art pieces are designed specifically for the client and will never be used again for re-purpose.

    Understanding the budget of a client, matilynBOUTIQUE fine art pieces are still uniquely designed and characteristic in their own way, but in this case the letters of the monogram can be swapped out. Since this process makes it more simple for the designer, design costs are minimum and more focus can be considered in how the art pieces are produced.

  • What services does Matilyn provide?


    • Invitations
    • Envelopes
    • Reply Cards
    • Place Cards
    • Thank You Cards
    • Menus
    • Table Numbers
    • Favour Gift Boxes
    • Hang Tags and Specialty Gift Labeling
    • Custom-designed stationery/gift items/packaging
    • Couple's Personalized Stationery


    • Vinyl Backdrops
    • Vinyl Dance Floor
    • Embroidered Table Runners
    • Embroidered Aisle Runners
    • Embroidered Pillows
    • Specialty Embroidered items
    • Embroidered Placemats
    • Embroidered Napkins
    • Embroidered Table Cloths
    • Custom-designed Seating Plan Signage
    • Vinyl or Etched Glass Vases
    • Vinyl or Etched Specialty Items


    • Monogram Design (sometimes hand-drawn and digitized)
    • Crest Design (hand-drawn and digitized)
    • Engagement and Save-the-Date eBlasts
    • Personalized Website
    • Seating Charts
    • Visual Renderings (An image that shows a visual representation of the event space before production)
  • What makes Matilyn different than other stationery and décor service providers?

    Matilyn is proud to serve with over 20 years experience in design, production and digital mediums and be the one-stop shop for a cohesive event experience. In addition, Matilyn is partnered with venues and vendors with high standards who are considered ethical and pride themselves to serve the community with high quality products and services.

    Stationery is not just paper
    Matilyn designers believe stationery is a touch-and-feel-way for expression—always pushing the envelope (pardon the pun) to create Wow-factors and keepsakes.

    The need for a fresh-look in Décor
    Matilyn considers décor as a large canvas to further push the boundaries and create a cohesive design. Whether the venue space has a clean slate to work with or beautiful details in architecture, Matilyn makes sure that all details or lack of are considered in the entire design package.

    Home Décor and keepsakes
    Creating art pieces for a milestone event that can then be tailored for home décor is another way to be sustainable, but bring home memories. From embroidered table runners to pillows, you home décor will look marvelous!

  • Is it true that Matilyn is a preferred vendor to special venues and provides 10% off when booking a Matilyn wedding or special event package?

    Yes! Matilyn is preferred vendor at many venues across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). When you book your wedding or special event package with Matilyn, you receive 10% off your matilynBESPOKE or matilynBOUTIQUE package. Current venues are listed below:

    • Liberty Grand (Toronto)
    • Casa Loma (Toronto)
    • Old Mill Toronto (Etobicoke)
    • University Club of Toronto (Downtown Toronto)
    • The Briars (Jackson's Point)
    • Rosewater Room (Downtown Toronto)
  • Are Matilyn services expensive? Do you offer affordable options?

    When meeting with Matilyn, we consider packaging prices for all types of budgets. That said, most likely a $500 budget is not going to meet the unique options a matilynBESPOKE package can offer, but rather a matilynBOUTIQUE package which equally offers personalized design services. The difference is matilynBOUTIQUE designs items from a package can be resold through matilynSHOP.

  • Where is Matilyn located? How far outside Toronto will you meet for a FREE Consultation?

    Matilyn does not have a studio open to the public at this time, but can meet clients at any of the preferred venue sites located below or client-preferred location. Travel charges may apply if outside of Toronto.

    • Liberty Grand (Toronto)
    • Casa Loma (Toronto)
    • Old Mill Toronto (Etobicoke)
    • University Club of Toronto (Downtown Toronto)
    • The Briars (Jackson's Point)
    • Rosewater Room (Downtown Toronto)
  • Does Matilyn provide Wedding Planning services?

    Yes! Matilyn provides full service wedding planning and day-of-event full-day service as well. Feel free to ask us to add in our proposal to you during your Complimentary Consultation.

  • Do you have preferred Vendors you work with?

    Yes! Matilyn works with professionals in all types of services across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Once you book a package with Matilyn, feel free to ask us about our preferred vendors and we would be happy to supply you with a list.

  • Can I see a sample of the design before ordering?

    Before a Complimentary Consultation, the client receives a questionnaire that will give Matilyn designers enough inspiration to create stationery mock-ups for the client to touch and feel. Usually, the pieces shown are invitation, envelope, menu or program and save-the-date items.

common questions

  • Do you offer custom stationery as well as style templates?


    matilynBESPOKE stationery is completely custom, hand-drawn to digitized, fully custom to the client and monogram letters or graphics of the final art piece cannot be easily modified.

    matilynBOUTIQUE stationery is in the category of being a template. The monogram letters can easily be swapped out, but easy modification of graphics depends on the final art piece.

  • Do you offer a package or discounted price if I order all of the stationery components at the same time?

    Yes! Matilyn is able to give better pricing if all stationery components are put into one package. Discounts can be received if the Matilyn studio already holds the particular inventory in-house. Inventory varies so please ask at your Complimentary Consultation.

    Matilyn does not offer à la carte items.

  • Do you offer an invitation White Glove service?

    Yes! Matilyn offers a one-stop shop from wax-sealing to delivering each envelope with prestine quality assurance and care.

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